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"Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do"

Woodland Community School will be hosting a walk for cancer. We are asking that each staff member and student becomes involved in this event in some way. Please show your support and join the fight.

Fact: The American Cancer Society (ACS) is one of the only organizations that gives funds for finding a cure for cancer.

Fact: In the 1930's, 1 in 5 cancer patients survived. Now 50% do!

Fact: There are over 8 million Americans surviving cancer today.

Fact: Nearly one-third of all deaths could be prevented through early detection. The ACS is striving to make early detection a norm.

Fact: cancer has no eyes; it takes all types of people. You may be saving the life of a loved one, or even your own.

"It's about being a community that takes up a fight."

We would like to thank you for your interest and commitment to the first annual Woodland Walk for Life, an inspirational team event to raise awareness and funding for the battle against cancer. The information on this website will supply you with everything you need to get your team coordinated and involved in the walk on Saturday, June 2, 2001. Below is a brief overview of the event.


This event involves a team of runners and/or walkers participating in a friendly competition to raise the most money and travel the most laps around a track. People take turns in a relay; each team captain coordinates a schedule so that at least one member of the team walks, jogs or runs around the track for a scheduled period of time. Of course, many relay teams participate in the event for the fun of it and are not competitive in nature.


The relay begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 2. At this time a group of cancer survivors will lead all of the participants in an opening lap. Throughout the rest of the day teams are encouraged to hang out around the track while some team members walk or run; each team will have a space reserved near the track to set up their headquarters. Feel free to show your spirit by decorating your campsite, bringing food. games, music, etc. Various games and contests also will be going on throughout the day. A candlelight ceremony will be held to honor survivors and remember those who lost the battle against cancer. An awards ceremony will follow to award prizes and thank all those who participated. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Most Money Raised By A Student
Most Money Raised By An Adult
Most Money Raised By A Team
Most Laps By A Student
Most Laps By An Adult
Most Laps By A Team

In order to foster team spirit, another award will be given for those groups that wish to participate in the Spirit Contest. Each team may pick a theme and dress accordingly. For example, a very spirited team may call themselves The Wedding Party, and each member of the team could dress as a bridesmaid or a grooms man. The team's campsite on the field might be decorated as a reception area. Another team may wish to simply all wear red. Each team may determine how creative they wish to be! Judges will be assigning points on the day of the event.


A team consists of 10-12 people who may include but are not limited to Woodland students and staff, friends and family members of Woodland students and staff, local sports' teams, clubs, businesses, and various organizations in the community. Teams are encouraged to join together and participate by raising money before the event and then walking throughout the day on June 2. A team captain will need to register his or her team by submitting a $10 registration fee (or $1 per person) and the Team Roster Sheets to the Woodland Middle School office by various jobs such as babysitting, mowing lawns, doing small tasks for neighbors, etc. Participants can raise additional donations by selling luminary candles. A luminary is a candle that is bought in honor or memory of a special friend or loved one passed. These candles will be lit the day of the Walk. All donations should be recorded on the pledge folder and then given to your team's captain. Be sure all checks are payable to Woodland Walk For Life.

Team Captain's Checklist

The team captain has a very important job which is critical to the success of the Relay for Life event. The person selected as the Team Captain should be well organized and will serve as a motivator for the team. Below is the Team Captain's Checklist:

* Recruit team members and gain their commitment to the cancer cause. Keep team members informed of what happening with the event.

* As your team members are recruited, have each team member give you $1 toward the registration fee, and complete his or her portion of the information sheet on the Team Roster page. The money and this information should be given to your Team Coordinator, Ms. Truckenbrod.

* Encourage your team members to gather donations from their family and friends. A one-time flat donation should be requested. Luminaries also can be sold for $5. All checks should be made payable to the Woodland Walk For Life.

* Remind your team members to invite cancer survivors to participate in the opening lap. Be sure to record the survivors' names and their phone numbers so that we may contact them before the event.

* Come up with a team name! Consider a theme for your team and how you might plan to incorporate this theme into your day's activities. For example, all of your team members can dress similarly for the Relay, make signs, etc..

* Schedule your teams walkers or runners on the enclosed Team Running/Walking Schedule.

* A few weeks before the Relay, check with your team members to see how their donations are coming along. Individual members should also raise a minimum of $20, or a team minimum of $200. Money should be collected before the event and turned in the Thursday before the event.

* On the day of the Relay, you as the captain are responsible for checking in your team.

* Congratulate yourself and your team for joining the fight against cancer!!


Kids helping Kids

Saturday June 2, 2001

2-8 p.m.

Woodland Intermediate

For the American Cancer Society and the Hospice of Lake County


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